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Please note that some pictures are not perfect, it is our intention to replace the low quality small pictures  with better and larger ones as soon as we can. The small black "x" after a name denotes flowers needing replacement, if you can provide a better picture, please let us know. Thank you.

 Fuchsias  1  Fuchsias  2  Fuchsias  3            
Alison Ewart Gold Runner ... x Pussy Cat
Basic Parts Golden Marinka Red Rover
Beacon Rosa Hampshire Blue Red Spider
Bealings Harry Gray Robbie ... x
Bicentennial Hula Girl Rose Bradwardine
Billy Green Indian Maid Roy Walker
Black Prince Jenny Sorenson Ruth
Blanche Regina Joy Patmore Sincerity
Blue Waves ... x Julie Horton Sister Sister
Border Queen Kegworth Carnival Small Pipes
Bow Bell Keystone ... x Star Wars
Brutus ... x Lady Kathleen Spence Texas Longhorn
Cambridge Louie Lady Thumb Thalia
Cardinal Farges Lena Tiffany ... x
Carla Johnston Little Orphan Annie ... x Torch
Carmel Blue Madame Cornellissen Trase
Caroline Margaret Tristesse
Cecile Margaret Brown Trumpeter
Celia Smedley Margaret Roe Ullswater
Champagne Celebration Marinka1 Violet Basset-Burr ... x
Checkerboard Miss California Water Nymph ... x
Chillerton Beauty Mixed Fuchsias01 Wave of Life
Citation ... x Mixed Fuchsias02 White Lace
Cliantha Mixed Fuchsias03 Winston Churchill 1
Cliffs Hardy Monstera ... x  
Come Dancing Morning Light  
Coralle Mrs Lovell Swisher  
Cotton Candy Nellie Nuttall  
Countess of Aberdeen Orange Blossom  
Dark Eyes Other Fellow ... x  
Dawn Star Paula Jane ... x  
Display ...x Peewee Rose  
Doreen Redfern Pink Quartet  
Dusky Beauty Prelude  
Eugene Preston Guild  
Eureka Red Princess Dollar  
Eva Boerg ... x    
Forget Me Not    
Frank Unsworth    
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